Convert your old React components with the power of magic AI

You're a React developer. You know class components are old and outdated, but your huge codebase is littered with them and converting them is a hassle. Let AI do the heavy lifting so you can focus on building new stuff, without being bogged down by old cruft. Just paste a class component in the first textbox and hit the button. The machine will convert it to a new and modern functional component (or you know, it will try. It's not a perfect technology and it can be pretty flaky).

Note that while this site does not store any data about the components you send in, all data uploaded is passed on to OpenAI. They say that they don't use API submitted data to train their models, but it is up to you to decide how sensitive the code you're submitting is and whether your comfortable letting them read it.

Old component (clunky, kinda bad)

New component (sleek, smells like flowers)